Anselme Servain is a French photographer born in 1999 and currently based in The Netherlands.

His colourful images in which the subject feels vulnerable and fragile evoke a lost childhood, yet underpinned by a more frightening and sensual dimension, revealing a slightly darker side of it.

His self-portraits represent an attempt at grasping an ever changing identity, torn between innocence and desire.

He also aims at capturing the essence of people in his portraits from life which give a sense of tranquil melancholy ultimately jeopardized by an imminent invisible threat.

In July 2020, he started a photographic journey also known as the "365 Project", consisting in creating an image everyday for a year.

2021, April - The Bestselected Book Vol. IV. Publication of River in Slow Motion (2020) alongside 90 other photographers.
2020, August - Fisheye Magazine, "Les coups de coeur #301". Online publication.
2020, August - Finalist of the Flickr x Fujifilm "Shine a Light" Photo Contest".
2020 - In Full Bloom Project. Self portrait chain gathering photographers from around the world during the lockdown. Online Publication (Instagram)
2020 - Bestselected, "Le Scelte del Mese di Maggio 2020" : Drift (2020) selected and published online.
2020 - Bestselected, "Le Scelte del Mese di Marzo 2020" : 9/40 (quarantine photo diary) selected and published online.
2020 - Thy Magazine, "Thy Flickr - Attese" : Atom Dance (2020) selected and published online.
2017 - Arcangel Images. Front cover of German edition "Klett-Cota" of Pierre Lemaître's Drei Tage und ein Leben.
2017 - Winner of "Cité Rêve Grasse 2017" financing a short documentary film in Japan.
2016 - Fisheye Magazine, "Le Tumblr des lecteurs #7" : Fade Away (2015) selected and published online.

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