Anselme A. Servain (b. 1999) is a French photographer currently based in The Netherlands. His work testifies to a strong interest in depicting homosexuality and homo eroticism, juxtaposing loss and fate.
Anselme's self-portraits aim at better catching his floating identity. In a witty play with his audience and fully aware of the erotic language he borrows from a “pornificated” visual culture, he questions the ambiguity between being both the photographer and the model, the desiring “I” and the desired object.
Turning the lens on others, mainly men he is attracted to, Anselme creates an intimate setting where the camera becomes a tool to get closer to his subject, as well as a shield that protects his own vulnerability.


Instagram               @anselme.servain

2023, January - Best Of PhotoVogue.
2022, March - Group exhibition at MayFly Gallery in Paris.
2021, August - Director of Photography on Hush!Noise's "What An Average End" music video, directed by Pauline Herlent & Maxence Benoit.
2021, April - Anselme Servain and photography as a choice, article published online on
2021, April - The Bestselected Book Vol. IV. Publication of River in Slow Motion (2020) alongside 90 other photographers.
2020, August - Fisheye Magazine, "Les coups de coeur #301". Online publication.
2020, August - Finalist of the Flickr x Fujifilm "Shine a Light" Photo Contest".
2020 - In Full Bloom Project. Self portrait chain gathering photographers from around the world during lockdown. Online Publication (Instagram)
2020 - Bestselected, "Le Scelte del Mese di Maggio 2020" : Drift (2020) selected and published online.
2020 - Bestselected, "Le Scelte del Mese di Marzo 2020" : 9/40 (quarantine photo diary) selected and published online.
2020 - Thy Magazine, "Thy Flickr - Attese" : Atom Dance (2020) selected and published online.
2017 - Arcangel Images. Front cover of German edition "Klett-Cota" of Pierre Lemaître's Drei Tage und ein Leben.
2017 - Winner of "Cité Rêve Grasse 2017" funding a documentary film in Japan.
2016 - Fisheye Magazine, "Le Tumblr des lecteurs #7" : Fade Away (2015) selected and published online.

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